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We ask EVERY person we massage, manicure etc to choose a good deed

we can do on their behalf.

Your team will love that when they DO GOOD - they FEEL GOOD.

plant a tree

Every time we visit a client's office, 

we plant trees in Kenya.

We're partnered with an amazing charity called The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust. They work in an area that has suffered extreme deforestation as impoverished people cut trees for charcoal and firewood. Their work helps reverse this environmental damage by planting new forest fruit trees. The fruit these tree produce also generates food and income for the local people, protecting them and the environment. 

feed a child

...and feed Ethiopian nursery school child for a week.


What a child eats today will have a striking and lasting impact on his or her physical and mental health throughout adolescence and adulthood. It is therefore crucial that food of nutritional value is provided to not only help children grow up and develop physically, but also to help them do well academically in school and feel good about themselves.


send a girl to school

...and educate a girl in India for a week.

We provide Dalit (Untouchable) girls and young woman aged between 13 to 19 years old access to literacy education. These girls come from the poorest families and have been taken out of education system to help work on the land, or in other ways earn money for their family. This education enhances their lives by teaching them to read & write.



Here is a summary of the amazing impact our clients have made to date...

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